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Thomas Wayne Jr. is an evil Batman doppleganger of Earth 3.

Early LifeEdit

Thomas Wayne Jr. was born into a rich family. At age 8 when walking out of a play, a criminal pushed past him and his parents. A police officer (Joe Chill) ran into the alley and shot at the criminal, by mistake shooting Thomas's parents. Thomas swore vengance on the forces of good (which to him seemed like evil).

Teen YearsEdit

Thomas traveled around the globe, and learned many martial arts and how to properly use gadgets and guns. He became very intelligent.

Adult LifeEdit

Thomas adopted the identidy of Owlman and defeated many superheroes. A poor comedian centered Owlman at his jokes, and in turn Owlman killed his loved ones and sliced his mouth into a hideous smile. The comedian became the superhero The Jokester, a thorn in Owlman's side for many years. Later Owlman gained a sidekick- Talon.