Marvelas, formerly named (The) Superteen, then called Diosa by the Hispanic community, is a character and one of several main protagonists in the comic book series Demi-Gods.

Hailed The Human Powerhouse by various media outlets, the Mexican-born Janina "Jan" Alista demonstrated a unique method of superhuman strength and endurance while in her late teen years. Recognized as a symbol to all Hispanics, Marvelas is reportedly the most physically strongest super-heroine of all time.

General backstoryEdit

Though almost died as a newborn due to her mother's fetal complications, she was able to be saved. As a result, her parents couldn't have any more children. Jan crossed the Mexican border with her parents when she was a mere toddler, and was raised a normal, healthy life in Texas. Though sometimes grouchy, she always had a caring affection for anyone she grows close to. Before her powers emerged during early adulthood, Jan and her parents filed for legal US residency.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jan has every physical attribute of a human albeit several times fold (to an exaggerated level of capability). Perhaps most interesting to note is that Jan has a scrawny body but possesses an unprecedented level of strengths via a "pressure-detecting" psi-energy field, that defends her by hardening the more force is applied against it. As it enshrouds Jan, it enables superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, athleticism and a scale of durability compared to an enormous diamond. It is always activated until her death. With such an aura that she works in sync with, she may manipulate it to become a grandiose, invisible extension of herself which can only be seen through a psychic form of perception (which she possesses). The results are much like another usage of psychokinesis.

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