CAF CaptainAmerica Deathstroke

Round 1- Captain America vs Deathstroke

Captain AmericaEdit

Due to the super soidier serum, Captain America can lift 2 tons, Run at short distances with a speed of 60 mph, Great agility, immunity to all diseases, master planner, high willpower (enough to rival the Green Lanterns), and Superhumanly acrobatic.

As in addition to all of his powers, Cap mastered every single form of martial arts and Combat known to man.

Captain America has a belt (simalar to the Bat-Man) that has pockets for stuff like, mini first aid kits, water canesters, Pick it locks, mini flashlights, and Avengers identicard.

Captain America carries around two weapons, his iconic 2 in a half foot indistructable vibrainium sheild, and formaly a small pistol.

Foot notes: Captain America is a master planner and an experience leader.