Lex Luthor 004-1-

He is evil.

Early LifeEdit

Alexander (Lex) Luthor was a child protigy. This made him feel very ailenated. He made such amazing grades that his parents thought they could make money off of Young Lex. Lex killed his parents. The police never suspected him.

Teen YearsEdit

Lex spent the rest of his kid years and teen years with his aunt. Lex met a teen named Clark Kent (later Superman) who was his lab partner. Clark was nice to Lex, but Lex did'nt really like being around pepole. Lex finished up high school and went to a university.


Lex built up a vast business empire and did a whole lot of illeagal things. Technically, he was a mafia boss in disguise. Then, his worst nightmare appeared: Superman! Superman stopped him from doing many illeagal crimes. Currently, Lex is trying to find out way to get Superman off his back.

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