Early LifeEdit

A man born with an ultra guinus level intelect, Tony Stark was born into a muti-billionare industrious family. When his mother died, Young Tony`s father pulled him out of public school and put him with a privet tutor at home because his dad wanted to be closer to him.

Teen YearsEdit

At the age of 21 (technically thats not a teen but close) Tony lost his father, so he, himself inherited all the billions of dollars his father owned. He quickly became a very handsome playboy.

Becoming the Golden AvengerEdit

When he was 28 years old Tony was in China when he went over a bomb and it blew up. He woke up with a bloody chest in a cavern and he was forced to worck on a big weapon for the Chinese to use. He fell asleep again and woke up to see that he had a peace of technology in his heart area, A old wise Chinese guy named Yinsen worked with Tony to build an armor to escape out of the China. When it was time he put the armor on Yinsen told the Chinese to enter the room, and when they entered, they saw an Iron thing walking towards them, fireing at them. When Tony and Yinsen were near their exit, someone shot Yinsin and he died. Tony escaped and was back in America within 12 hours and let people know about the new armored superhero, (he kept his identity secret) . When he was on a date, his girlfriend

Tony`s most powerful armor, the silver centurion

told him the the dull grey armor scared people, so for 11 issues he had his origenal armor except it was spraypainted it gold. He modeled man armors such as his regular armor on the picture above or the Hulkbuster armor. Later he was found fighting alongside Hulk, Thor, Ant man, and the Wasp against Loki, and they quickly made the Avengers.