The Heat, formerly went by the alias Firestarter, and nicknamed The Human Microwave by news media, is a character and one of several main protagonists in the comic book series Demi-Gods.

Evan Hurt went from being a street-wise, all-American youth to an accomplished individual who, in his early 20s, develops the superhuman ability to generate simulated microwaves from his hands (a feat which publicly received much attention, further allowing him to join the Demi-Gods).

Generic profileEdit

The second son of two middle-class American parents, Evan grew up in a normal life. Much like his old man, he was often chasing tail and being quite the sports buff. A practicing bodybuilder at the age of 20, Evan conveys a celebrity-like demeanor, wearing expensive sunglasses, often signing autographs and posing for pictures (especially with "pretty girls"). A big spender in strip bars, he usually meets up with groupies there along with some male acquaintances. Evan continues this lifestyle until he changes, by later realizing his love for one particular woman.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

While laid-back a lot of the time, Evan maintains a keen prowness when engaged in a fight. His daily weightlifting excersises keep him in top physical form, eventually reaching the pinnacle of human potential. His power is to emit electromagnetic radiation, specifically invisible microwaves, from his frontal palms, to limitless superheated temperatures (melting objects like metal, but causes organic matter to combust).

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