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Hal Jordan is The Green Lantern

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Hal Jordan's childhood besides that he often visited his uncle, who was a policeman.

Teen YearsEdit

Hal finished school and went to college, and then became a pilot.


Hal was a pilot, but he wanted to go in space. Saddly, he never had the chance. One day however, he went on a special assignment in space, testing out a new kind of jet. The jet exploded, and the other pilot died, leaving Hal falling to his death. Suddenly, the remaining piece of the jet stopped falling. It was dragged to the dessert by a green beam of light. Hal got out when it stopped and saw a dying pink alien (Abin Sur). The alien died.Suddenly, a green ring from the alien's finger flew on Hal. The ring had chose Hal. Hal then discovered he was a part of The Green Lantern Core. He used this ring to become The Green Lantern.

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