Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Deadpool`s past other then his father who abused him.

As DeadpoolEdit

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Deadpool and his Zombie counterpart, Headpool

was a soldier in the army until he was dignosed with cancer that was killing him rapidly.

With only a few weeks left, Wade tried to find somebody who could help him, but then a notorius company, Weapon X lied to him and told him that he could be cured. When he arrived they captured him and done some crutial experiments on him. He was a failed experiment because his skin became all scarred and hidious and he became mentaly insane. Wade was put into in asylum, with all of his memorys lost and never to be discoverd again. All of the people in the asylum played a game deadly game called Deadpool. Wade escaped, put together a costume, and stole some weapons and became a mercenary and an anti-hero. The only thing he rememberd was his combet training and martial arts. He teams up with Red Hood alot of times.

Notes- Deadpool has one power, and that is to regenerate any part of his body, and he has a healing factor and he is virtualy indestructable.

Personality- Deadpool is the most anoying and antagonizing person around.