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"Heart of Ice"

"Heart of Ice"Edit

Prologue- Victor Fries was a scientist working in chryoginics. His wife caught a rare disease. Fries tried to save his wife by freezing her using supplies from work. His boss got angry and shut him in. Fries found he could only survive in sub-zero tempuratures and became the costumed villan "Mr.Freeze".

Story- Dinner was always silent in Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth ate in silence. When Bruce was finished he walked down to the batcave and read the recent crime reports in Gotham. Then he Vlooked up the recent deaths. "John Freeman, age 44, Joe Jackson, age 89, Dr. Victor Fries, age 39...Hold on..." Victor Fries was outlined in red. He clicked it and read the death report. The death report was very strange. "Alfred!" "Yes, master Bruce?" "Go get Dick." In a few minutes they were in the Batmobile, then parked it in a dark corner where nobody would see it.


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