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Christmas with the Joker

"Christmas with The Joker"Edit

Prologue- Joker's last plot in Batman: Defender of Gotham - Episode 1 was foiled way back in August. Joker, however made a plot to escape. On December the 24th his plot went into action...

Story- All of the criminals in Arkham Asylum always were forced to decorate and sing during Christmas time. "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way..." and suddenly an off key voice started singing "Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin layed an egg, The Batmobile lost a wheel and The Joker got away!". This off key voice was obviously The Joker's. He suddenly jumped on the tree and it rocketed into the sky. Bruce Wayne never liked Christmas. Why? His parents died on Christmas night. So Bruce never celebrated Christmas. His young ward he adopted a month ago, Dick Grayson was watching Christmas movies. Bruce was in the batcave working on his computer. Bruce heard the Christmas movie from all the way down in The Batcave, so he went to go tell Dick to turn down the volume when Bruce saw The Joker on the TV screen. Joker smiled and said " Hello, and welcome everyone to Christmas with The Joker! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!". "Alright Dick you know the drill" said Bruce sternly. Bruce suited up in his Batman costume and Dick in his Robin costume. They set out in The Batmobile and tracked down The Joker. "He's at Gotham TV studio." said Robin looking at the tracker. "Your learning" said Batman. They went to the TV studio and saw Joker. "Well, well, well. If it isn't for our 2 guest stars, Batman and Robin. Lets give them a round of applause!" The crowd (actually, captured pepole working at the studio tied up) started to clap slowly. " Shut up clown. This time your not getting away." said Batman. "Oh Batsy, theirs no need to use unkind words...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Batman punched Joker in the gut and kicked him down. "Alright Bats, if your going to play that way we'll just see how well boy wonder over their does." Suddenly Harley Quinn started strangling Robin. Robin did a back flip (as he used to be an acrobat) and made Harley fall down. Robin then tied her up and put her on the roof. Meanwhile the battle between Batman and Joker continued. Batman finally did an upper-cut punch to The Joker and The Joker fell unconciess. Batman and Robin quickly drove away in The Batmobile. At home, at midnight when Dick was sound asleep, Bruce left a gift in Dick's room and smiled.



Dick Grayson

The Joker

Harley Quinn


  • This story was wrote on December 24th 2011
  • This is Dick Grayson's first appearance