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"The Last Laugh"

"The Last Laugh"Edit

RING!!! Bruce Wayne's alarm clock pierced his ears, waking him up. "Ugh. Another day." Bruce then went downstairs, ate breakfast, got dressed, and went to work. Meanwhile, across town... "Alright! we got a mega bomb up for auction!" A bunch of mafia leaders had their money ready in their pockets. "Lets start at 1,000,000 dollars!" A pudgy mafia leader yelled out "2,000,000!" Ill take it for 3,000,000!" "Ill do 4,000,000!" then from the corner came a voice saying "how about none!" he then stepped out of the shadows. "The Joker! Lets get outta here!" All of the mafia leaders fled out of the building very quickly. One tripped then however. Joker approched him smiling. "heh heh. Ha! HA HA HA HA HA!!!" The mafia leader held out his gun but was quickly swathed in Joker gas. The mafia boss's eyes turned yellow, he looked pale and laughed uncontrollibly. "All right Harley, lets get this big boy outta here!" Joker's henchwoman, Harley Quinn went in a Joker styled crane and lifted the bomb, placing it in Joker's huge Joker styled jet ( What? he's insane.) Anyway, back across town Bruce Wayne came home from his business and took some time to relax. When the sun set, Bruce shouted: "Alfred! Prepare the Batmobile!" "Yes sir." Bruce put on his cape, cowl and costume, and jumped into the Batmobile. Scanning Gotham City, Bruce (now Batman) didnt see much crime at all. Suddenly, he saw smoke from an abandond warehouse. He quickly hopped into the Batmobile and crashed down the warehouse door, seeing a large bomb about to take off. "HA HA HA HA HA!" "I GOT THE LAST LAUGH AFTER ALL BATMAN! NOW GOTHAM WILL BLOW TO SMITHEREENS!" "HA HA HA HA HA!" "I dont think so Joker." Batman (again) jumped into The Batmobile and rammed into the control pannel. This sent the bomb off course to a hay field. "The joke's on you Joker." Batman said as he cuffed The Joker.



The Joker

Harley Quinn

Alfred Pennyworth

Mafia Bosses