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Batman in the shadows.

"I am vengance...I am the night...I am BATMAN!"

--Batman overcoming his fear

Early LifeEdit

Bruce Wayne was a happy child. He had everything. Many toys, alot of friends, and rich and loving parents. When young Bruce was 8 years old he and his parents went to see the movie "Green Guardsman: First Flight" (Green Guardsman was Bruce's favorite superhero). They walked out of the theater when the movie ended and walked into an alley. Suddenly, out of the darkness came Joe Chill, a criminal. Joe mugged his parents and shot them, leaving young Bruce in the alley crying.

Teen YearsEdit

Young Bruce was left in the care of Alfred Pennyworth, the butler of the Waynes. Bruce swore vengance over criminals, asking alfred to teach him martial arts, hard biology, etc. Bruce then put on a mask a leather jacket and made his first attempt at fighting crime. He suceeded but felt that he was missing somthing. He needed to strike fear in their hearts from the start. Suddenly, a bat flew into his study. That gave him an idea.


After even more training he made the suit he came up with a few years back. He then pondered over a disguise name. He figured he'd just remain mysterious. He stopped an armored car robbery which shown up in Gotham Gazette. The headline was "MYSTERIOUS BAT-MAN STOPS ROBBERY". Then he became known as Batman. One night he was battling a criminal known as Red Hood. Batman scared Red Hood and Red Hood dove into a vat of chemicals. That was Batman's worst mistake. Red Hood became Batman's first costumed villan: The Joker. This made many other costumed criminals rise up. Later Batman adopted Dick Grayson and he became Batman's sidekick, Robin. Robin later left Batman and became his own hero, Nightwing. Batman then adopted Jason Todd and Jason who was killed by The Joker. This made Batman decide to have no more Robins.

Encountering The IncrediblesEdit

During the Incredibles/Batman comic series, Incredibles: Dark Knights, Batman and Tim Drake [the 3rd Robin] travel to Metroville.